After having focused on Humanities, I then decided to develop my understanding of visual arts while committing to my real passion, filmmaking. 

At university I tailored my studies in order to acquire a deep knowledge of the theory of filming and the ideas animating visual arts, shaping a personal perspective of the value and strong potential of cinema in both art and life. 

In July 2015 I graduated in the B.F.A. course of Cinema and Performing Arts (DAMS) at University of Bologna, with a final mark of 109 out of 110. In the meantime I acquired a solid practical experience by taking part in the creation of a short movie under the guide of the professional director Adriano Sforzi (winner of the David di Donatello) and by shooting numerous short films and documentaries. 

In September 2015 I was admitted at the European Film College, an international one-year filmmaking course based in Denmark, in which I specialized in cinematography. During the time at European Film College I have been able to produce several short movies as a cinematographer. 

Finally in September 2016 I was accepted in the Cinematography Master's program at FAMU in Prague, an highly specialized two-year course offered by Prague's Art Academy. After two years of intensive workshops with renowned cinematographers, such as VladimĂ­r SmutnĂ˝ and ASC David Klein, hand-on experiences on professional sets and various short films shot both on digital and film material, I graudated with Honours in September 2018.